the experience

Imagine dress-up, but for adults where we add some eyeliner and liquid courage in this therapeutic pampering session. We encourage all of our participants to arrive ahead of their scheduled time to meet in the common area, share some champagne and snacks, and bask in the positive vibes and good energy of diversely beautiful women. Every session is personalized based on each individual's passions and interests, so feel free to bring any unique sentiments. No participant is pressured to go beyond their comfort zone but is encouraged to delve deep into themselves and find their utmost confidence and inner beauty.

After your session, sit back and relax while your photographer creates a slideshow of the best of your session. Together, you will browse through our portfolio of wall displays, table displays and album choices to finalize how you will remember and relive this beautiful, invigorating experience.

If you have a group of friends you would like to enjoy this experience with, or even if you're shy and would prefer a private session, click either option below to let us know and we will custom design a She Shines session just for you!

Hosted Events

See our schedule to book your spot for one of our upcoming events. We work hard to find new and unique places to host these events, so keep in mind some places may require a little bit of driving to get there!

Private Sessions

If you're interested in custom designing a special boudoir session just for you, let us know and we can schedule a meeting. We offer private sessions with a plethora of top notch add on experiences to consider.

Private Groups

If you have a group of women interested in all coming together at once, and our hosted event is filling up, let us know and we can custom design an experience just for you and your ladies!