More than "boudoir"

If you’re wondering why the word “boudoir” doesn’t show up in any description of our experiences, it’s because we didn’t want to be tied down to that style of portraiture. Falling back in love with yourself is not limited to stylized, sexy sessions.

For example, I feel my best, my most loved, my most whole, when I’m around my daughter. She changed everything about my life and redefined what love and selflessness means to me. Nothing compares to how my entire world changed when she came in to my life.

She Shines is solely about what brings you bliss; that bliss is unlimited. There is no defining box and there are no rules on how we feel our best! So whatever that bliss is for you… whatever that happiness is, or that confidence, or sexiness, or whatever it is that makes you feel whole; let us capture THAT.