Our mission

       She Shines is a photographic experience created by artists Erika Schoof and Keeley Kelch . Both photographers are successful business owners and have a decades'-long portfolio of testimonials and beautiful imagery that speaks to their passion for photography. From fine art weddings to lifestyle and studio portraiture, both Keeley and Erika have flexed each creative muscle to create unique stills of incredible moments in life. This inclusive and prolific background, between the two, has proved to create the perfect equation for She Shines.


Preparing for your experience

• We Want To Know Who You Are

One of the most crucial steps of this experience is our intimate discovery calls with you and the person/people in your life. After all, when we share our lives with important people, we also borrow confidence from them to help us get up and continue to push forward. So when we learn more about how these important people see you from their perspective, in their eyes, the more you will see and feel YOU!

• forget about everything outside of the moment

The more distracted you are, the less therapeutic this experience will be for you. This is YOUR moment. We know that can be a difficult concept to understand. Women, generally speaking, don't take enough time for themselves when they're busy with careers, significant others, and/or kids. But this is your moment! Don't spend it worrying about anything else but your own beauty, courage, and strength. After all, it's not easy being a woman!

Meet the Artists!


Erika Schoof - Little Blue Box Photography

"I began my love for photography at around age 8. My first camera was small and pink and of course... film. I had an immediate attraction to capturing everyone and everything around me despite not knowing how it all worked, thus throwing away several rolls of undeveloped film. From there I learned the ins and outs of the intricacies of film in a high school photography class.

College, at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, was my first step into the digital photography world and where I met Keeley! We both shared a love for this art form and went on to begin thriving careers in wedding and portrait photography.

After years of working apart and together, we decided to collaborate on this project to both inspire ourselves and the participants to push beyond the boundaries of "societal beauty" and welcome a new and re-imagined connection with our bodies."


Keeley Kelch - Keeley Loy Photography

"I absolutely love being a photographer. I’m also a daughter, sister, wife & friend. My passion for photography started at a very young age. Growing up in the country, I had so much surrounding me to inspire beautiful images. I continued to explore my creativity in my high school darkroom where I really fell in love with film. I spent the following years at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I met Erika!

I’m proud to say we both have built successful careers in wedding & portrait photography and enjoy working with & inspiring each other. Through our collaboration on this project, we hope to inspire confidence & worth into every woman’s life. Self-love & body awareness is so important in today’s society and She Shines will continue to support exactly that, and I am so proud to be a part of it!"